the short list of people you wanted to be

by Sightseers

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Recorded on a spare Saturday. Every song was written while being recorded, apart for a couple of the lyrics, some of which almost make sense. This is part of a series of E.Ps that are not over thought or given a drawn out process, they are written, recorded and mixed in a couple of days.


released March 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Sightseers Wales, UK

Sightseers is things that don't take much time to write or record being written and recorded in not much time.

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Track Name: The short list of people you wanted to be
I know I will one day be,
Just skull and bones found in a field,
For some tourist to touch in a museum,
and feel part of my history.

I know you don't want to spend,
A lifetime being afraid,
Like some deer caught on a motorway,
In seconds everything has changed.
Track Name: I know how it feels
I know how it feels,
To be out of sync,
To go all night long,
Without a wink of sleep.
You are like the sun,
And one day you'll die,
You'll take all us with you,
You'll burn away the sky

I know how it feels..

No schedule to speak of,
Nowhere you need to be,
A lost tourist in the city,
With no map or currency.

I know how it feels..
Track Name: Creatures caught in traps
I am lost,
But you are my map,
We are creatures,
Caught in traps.

You are a forest,
And I am a tree,
Sometimes for you I cannot see me.
Track Name: Your glass is half empty (my glass is half full)
You thought the glass was full, but the change in temperature had caused the glass to crack and it ran down through the floorboards. Watching peoples legs, from the underside of an upturned bench, pressing your cheek against the wet wood (weak from alcohol).

Preach all that you want, but the solar system is still a speeding group of rocks falling around the sun. You drank straight from the can and caught your beard on the metal pull, you screamed out in pain but no one cared and no one came.

Your glass is half empty,
My glass is half full,
Together we needn't worry about some psychological bullshit.

You found yourself a dog,
And he's your friend.
Track Name: When did rock end and post rock begin?
Lyric Free
Track Name: The unenlightenment
In the early morning it is plain,
That the day starts its routine again,
The harvest is in,
The field it is bare,
We won't be going hungry today.

The talk of the town is of god,
But the feeling is felt by no-one,
Just as the crow is calling for rain,
We watched as it happened again.